Clothing marker CAD software for discerning customers.
Clothing marker CAD that saves time and fabric.
Clothing marker CAD software that enables consistent quality. Every time.
Clothing marker CAD software that enables your team to collaborate seamlessly to deliver on time.

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Best In Class Software.

Create Apparel Patterns that Fit.Accurately.Always.Fast.
Save Time.Save Fabric.
Collaborate with Team Members.

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Enable production teams to avoid errors while laying patterns on raw material.

In the conventional method,patterns are laid on fabric manually to achieve the required consumption.

In this process,a skilled pattern lay expert needs to be there all the time to ensure that the patterns are laid correctly every time a new fabric lay is cut.Manually, this is a risky process and often results in incorrect laying of patterns causing increased consumption and wastage.

With REACH CAD, a fixed marker can be printed on a plotter and the chances that of a mistake in laying the patterns manually is eliminated.

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