REACH Dobby 

Best In Class Dobby Software

REACH Dobby is the Best In Class Dobby software that enables you create a wide range of dobby designs easily.

Features in REACH Dobby:

  • Simple weave structure
  • Double weave structure.
  • Compound weave structure
  • Built  in  graphical editor  for  Dobby weave.
  • Weave  editing tools.
  • Cut,Copy,Paste,Select,Undo,Redo, Miirror,Rotate, Invert and Duplicate of the weave.
  • Provision of repeat mode to reproduce the patterns in repetition to maintain a uniform design.
  • Provision to create patterns based on your selected design automatically
  • Provision to view reverse, mirror and invert the weaves
  • Provision to add No. of Shaft and picks in a design
  • Provision of merging different weave and make design pattern
  • Type of weaves that can be created using weave editor present in Computer Aided Textile Designing Software  (Normal weave,Compound weave)
  • Available inbuilt libraries ( eg. Weave library,Colour library,Yarn library )
  • Type of inbuilt editors  (  eg. Weave editor)
  • Provision of photorealistic fabric simulation to simulate front side of the created woven design
  • Provision of simulation of simple yarn, melange and mouline.
  • Provision of simulation in combined form of extra wrap and extra weft
  • Provision of technical data, consumption of yarns
  • Provision of print output similar to fabric texture colour shades
  • Provision of creating optimal fabric design based on virtually created fabric
  • Provision to generate Peg plan and draft
  • Provision of material and technological parameters for different materials, yarns and fabrics
  • Provision to generate fabric simulation printouts of woven and print designs with colour matchings
  • Availability of  data bank of weave designs to retrieve in future
  • Provision to create, design and display weaving drafts and patterns
  • Provision to generate a variety of different colors and color combination for a particular design, these colors can be selected as per needs
  • Provision of reuse of weave design
  • Provision of Program Parameters, Article Setups and Weave Parameters.
  • Point tool and Line tool for creating and editing weave design
  • Provision of creating warp and weft pattern.



RCAD Demo - Part1 from Video Admin on Vimeo.