REACH Jacquard 

Best In Class Jacquard Software

REACH Jacquard is the Best In Class Jacquard software that enables you create a wide range of jacquard designs easily.

Features in REACH Jacquard:

  • One layer weave structure
  • Multi layer weave structure
  • One layer jacquard project
  • Multi layer jacquard project
  • Automated and semi automated localization and removal of floatations in the jacquard weave structure
  • Operating, setting the dimensions and visualizing the work over different types of multi layer weave structures  having  different  warp and weft  attitudes
  • Automatic  precise setting  the  slale  of the  projects  depending  on the  densities  of the warp  and weft  threads.
  • Possibility  for  working and applying weave structures over the upper  weave,lower weave, the inter weave  between  the upper  warp  and  lower  weft  and  the  extended weave of  a  multi layer  jacquard project.
  • Built  in  graphical editor  for  jacquard pictures
  • Built  in  systems for  reducing  the  number of  colours used  in  the  jacquard  picture
  • Option for  scanning and  importing images in  the jacquard  picture,  in  its  borders and  edges
  • 256  different  weave  structures  can be  applied  to the  colours of the  jacquard picture  in  the project
  • Image  editing tools
  • Colour Reduction,Cut,Copy,Paste,Select,Undo,Redo,Free hand, Geometrical,Rotate,Resize,Other
  • Provision to create patterns based on your selected design automatically
  • Provision to view reverse, mirror and invert the weaves/pattern
  • Provision to add hooks and picks in a design
  • Types of filters: Noise
  • Type of weaves that can be created using weave editor present in Computer Aided Textile Designing Software (Normal weave,Compound weave)
  • Available inbuilt libraries ( eg. Weave library,Colour library})
  • Type of inbuilt editors (  eg. Weave editor,Yarn editor)
  • Type of corrections performed ( eg.,Auto float correction,Manual float correction)
  • Provision of card punching output facility
  • Types of views available in Computer Aided Textile Designing Software ( image & weave, Upper weave, down weave, multi weave, Other)
  • Types of designing that can be done (Fabric designing)
  • Availability of  data bank of weave (simple weave and multi weave).
  • Provision of creating and linking of harness.
  • provision of preview of jacquard cards in monitor.



RCAD Demo - Part1 from Video Admin on Vimeo.