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Leader in intelligent IT solutions for apparel, fashion and textile sectorsᐧ

About Us

Globally, apparel/fashion is a USD 2.4 trillion market. According to Mckinsey Consulting :" If it were ranked alongside individual countries’ GDP,the global fashion industry would represent the world’s seventh largest economy."

Apparel is also one of the most fragmented sectors with complex supply chains characterized by friction in information exchange and transactions between various stakeholders.

The vast majority of apparel manufacturing organizations are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises( MSME s).

Quite a lot of technology enablement has happened on the demand side ( eg. online sales catalogues, AI to understand consumer preferences and make recommendations etc.) However,on the supply side, technology enabling millions of apparel MSMEs is work far from done.

Tech enabling millions of apparel manufacturing MSMEs will benefit all stakeholders in the value chain, including big retailers and brands, as no amount of demand forecasting will ensure that the merchandise reaches the store in time if apparel manufacturing firms are not IT enabled.

REACH Technologies' attempt is to democratize access to apparel sector specific intelligent software tools globally.


Nadathur Holdings & Investments, a private equity fund promoted by Mr.Nadathur S.Raghavan, Co-founder and former Joint Managing Director of software major Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY).