REACH Print Studio 

Best In Class Print software

REACH Print Studio is the Best In Class Print software

Features :

  • Import and export layered files
  • Drive a range of direct digital printing and engraving machinery.
  • Create and export manufacturing ready digital files and eliminate errors caused by interpretation
  • Manage color overlays and fall-on color mixing with full control to define the resulting color.
  • Layering technology for management of vector objects, including native Adobe┬« Illustrator┬« files.
  • Advanced layer design capabilities with management of floating design elements that can be arranged in stacking orders, grouped, and ungrouped.
  • Print results on paper and direct digital fabric printers or export in all standard file formats.
  • Create color variations for a range of designs or fabrics including prints, knits, wovens, wallcoverings, and floorcoverings.
  • Save and manage all color variations within one main file.
  • Input custom color atlases that correspond with seasonal colors, collection colors, color libraries, and color trends.
  • Utilize color palettes, maximizing the total number of colors achievable on any output device.
  • Match color standards precisely on any output printer without trial and error.
  • Realistic prediction of fall-on colors according to dye types and substrates.
  • Color calibration environment that matches color from one monitor to another, then from the monitor to the to the printer for both paper and digitally printed fabric.
  • Import and export digital color file formats for accurate communication of color with customers, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Scan directly with a range of industry standard scanner drivers.
  • Reduce and separate the number of colors from millions in a scan to just the desired number for your apparel, textile, and retail applications.
  • Import scan files, digital photographs, or any true color (RGB) file from other graphic applications.
  • Color reduction generates flat colors, textures, tonal, and the most complex watercolor techniques.
  • Layering technology allows the visualization of the original scan under the color reduced image aiding in cleaning decisions.
  • Advanced scan filtering tools like brightness, contrast, blur, and sharpen.
  • Layout and design tools to step a file into repeat before the reduction process.



RCAD Demo - Part1 from Video Admin on Vimeo.