Is your organization concerned about one or more of these application system implementation scenarios? 


Packaged Application Implementation

Is your organization concerned about one or more of these application system implementation scenarios?

  • The new system is supposed to change your business, how can you still make sure that you don't wind up with the same the old processes, running in expensive new technology?
  • The software seems to have all of the functionality that you need, but if there are gaps how can you be sure that they will be handled correctly?
  • You have read the stories about projects that take twice the time and cost three times the budget, how can you be sure that your project will be on-time and on-budget?

Our packaged application implementation framework maximizes the value of whatever software package and vendor you select for implementation. By modeling system and process changes, critical business decisions can be reviewed and finalized well in advance of system configuration.By modeling change as early as possible in the project, you get broader and better buy-in from impacted users, more control over budgets and timelines, and greater efficiencies from system experts provided by your packaged application vendor.

REACH Packaged Application Services provide comprehensive and cost-effective management of packaged applications. Our Packaged Application Services include a set of offerings that provide customers with ongoing support and maintenance for dominant packages. We provide the skills, expertise, processes, tools and methodologies needed to manage your package application implementation. The offerings provide flexible and effective ongoing support that is crucial for you to realize a return on investment in the application. We will work with you to build a stable application environment and implement processes with defined service levels -- enabling you to better predict and reduce the costs associated with your packaged applications.

Our packaged applications footprint covers the full spectrum of your enterprise needs. Our services around packaged applications include:

  • IT Roadmap Consulting
  • Business Process Reengineering services
  • Package selection
  • Data model designing allowing comprehensive view of the required data
  • Package implementation and global rollouts
  • Customization
  • Version upgrades
  • Sustenance Services such as enhancements, maintenance and production support

REACHservices and alliances cover packages for Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Integration, and Enterprise Resource Planning. Our exclusive focus and experience in implementation and post-implementation support in the soft goods vertical ensures reduced time to deliver for new implementations and upgrades, better enabling you to meet the challenges of managing end-user satisfaction, ongoing information technology and infrastructure management goals, and requests for functional enhancements.



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